Bernardo Chua Changes Lives With ORGANO

Bernardo Chua is the Chief Executive Officer of Organo Gold. The company was founded in 2008 and he has been leading it ever since. When he was younger, he wanted to become a doctor in order to be able to help people. He was planning on going to medical school but changed his mind and decided to take his career a different way. In the Philippines, he attended the University of Santo Tomas where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science. Even though he never became a medical doctor, he has still been able to help many people throughout his career. Learn more about Bernardo  Chua at

Before he founded ORGANO, he had worked for a garment manufacturer as a purchasing manager. It was a family business and ever one of his siblings were working within the company. He is the youngest of his parents 14 children and had a lot of “bosses” to deal with at the company.

When he was working for a travel agency, he was approached by a direct sales company to manage the business. It was the process of opening an office located in the Philippines. He had experience helping companies expand through Southeast Asia and was able to increase the company’s share of the market. It eventually expanded even more and he made a decision to move to Canada with his family. It was in Canada that Bernardo Chua created his company ORGANO.

He enjoys hearing the stories of how Organo Gold managed to change their lives. The testimonials from the distributors who have been able to increase their income and live better lives. The ultimate goal of ORGANO is to be able to improve lives through both their business and products. Direct sales is a different kind of business than most, but it’s also an exciting one. Bernardo Chua is proud of everything that has been done with the company.

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Things You Need To Know About Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner

Being the founder of the most lucrative real estate firm in the united emirates, Hussain Sajwani still dreams big on his career. As a leader, he has been involved in a vast number of collaborations with other prestigious companies, and this has contributed to the building of his knowledge in the field. Through the firm, the DAMAC owner receives a vast number of clients that show interest in conducting their business endeavors with them. The entrepreneur currently manages over 200 projects from different clients across the globe. He seeks to develop lucrative properties for them, and he has never gone wrong on his investments.

Besides, Hussain Sajwani always takes calculated risks, and he involves many parties before coming up with the final decisions. He believes in the abilities of his employees and before hiring them, he also evaluates their experiences in the specific fields and this has contributed to his numerous successes as he works with a great team. Besides assessing the expertise of his workers, Hussain Sajwani also strives to look at the personalities of the latter as this enables him to identify the unique abilities of his workers. The DAMAC owner believes that everyone has the unique capabilities that will allow them to contribute differently towards the success of a firm.

Many people have accredited him for his notable contributions towards building the economy as well as boosting growth in the society. Real estate developer Hussain Sajwani is entirely dedicated to creating the best environment for everyone to survive and live happily and as a result, he launched his charitable foundation that strives to cater for the needs of the less fortunate people in the society. Through the foundation, he buys clothes for children in poor backgrounds besides giving them food and contributing funds to address their diverse needs. The humbleness of the DAMAC owner has seen him warm the hearts of many people in the globe. He has also been involved in meetings with Donald Trump, through which they engaged in discussions about the strategies they can enact in the real estate field for maximum returns.

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OSI Group: World’s Largest Foods Provider Going Greener

The OSI Group is currently the world’s largest supplier of food products. Most people have never heard of them, but in fact they have been the supplier for McDonalds since the very beginning. Back in the 1950’s Otto and Sons were a small family-run meat company in Chicago who happened to be approached by a young Ray Kroc. As the relationship grew between two, it became clear they both relied on each other for success, and Otto and Sons grew into a huge company which had invested into freeze-dry technologies that could better support McDonalds’ growing demands. Thanks to these early investments, OSI Group is now the 63rd wealthiest private American company on the Forbes List, and they have get the privilege of feeding people all across the world.

Their leadership consists of Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald at the helm, with newly added Nicole Johnson-Hoffman driving the new era of sustainable business practices. Taking the company to new heights, Johnson-Hoffman reports to COO McDonald: who grew up with farming and agriculture his whole life in Northern Iowa, having graduated with a degree in Animal Sciences from Iowa State University. Johnson-Hoffman has worked in tandem with McDonalds’ “Scale for Good” campaign in an effort to make many sustainability moves for the company. These include reforestation efforts, water recycling and conservation efforts, C02 emission reduction efforts via ridesharing to work for employees, and better living conditions of livestock. Her commitment to OSI Group has helped the organization win multiple awards in sustainability globally. A few of these awards include the California Green Bussiness certification, the British Globe of Honour award from the Safety Council, and NAMI’s Environmental Award. With great power comes great responsibility, and OSI Group is proving that they are wielding their power responsibly enough to create positive social change that will last for decades to come.

Richard Liu Qiangdong: Intends to Exploit the Online Retail Market in South Asia

One of the greatest aspects about is its ability to come up with some innovative strategies that help it to remain relevant in the competitive market. Recently, Richard Liu Qiangdong has moved his e-commerce platform to Indonesia, where the organization is offering quality goods and services to its customers. The firm has already invested in Jakarta region where customers are buying goods while at the same paying through an online platform.

The company has adopted a similar strategy that it incorporated in China in the South Asian country. However, the products that the company is selling in Indonesia have been made with the consumers of Indonesia in mind. All the products sold by the organization in Indonesia meets the cultural needs of the people in this country. The company is delivering goods to the customer’s house, which has proven to be a convenience service like the one back in China.

Richard Liu highlighted that the company is focused in investing in South China before it can start in investing in other parts of the world such as Europe, the United States, and Africa among other areas. There is renewed energy in investing in countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand among others. Reports indicate that has recently opened a store in Indonesia, which will be one of the South Asian country where the entity will be setting its foothold.

The unmanned store in Jakarta helps individuals to buy products after which they are scanned using the QR code before paying using credit cards. This is the first unmanned store that the Asian giant has put outside China. According to Richard Liu, the company is putting this unmanned store as a pilot study, which will help it to understand whether it has the necessary number of customers in the country before investing in large scale. has been dominating the e-commerce retail market in China despite there being a number of other organizations that are offering the same products through a similar platform. The company has the goal of ensuring that it invests not only in China but also in the unexploited South Asian region.

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Guilherme Paulus Success Tips

Guilherme Paulus is the President of Board Advisors, CVC Brasil & GJP Hotels and Resorts. This is one man that has learnt the art of being successful in business. Some of his simple tricks include listening to seasoned businessmen who have been in the same line of business. He advices not to ignore the elders which is something that can easily happen especially when you are new, fresh and confident in an industry.

Being a successful hotelier with experience in the sector, Guilherme Paulus is in a better place to know what works in this highly competitive sector. How he has been able to expand and own several resorts and hotels can only be as a result of hard work and diligence.

From humble beginning as an intern at IBM, Guilherme Paulus has grown to become one of the most respected and most influential business gurus in Brazil. One would wonder what his secret has been over the years to be able to make such a major turnaround in life. The answers lie in an interview which he was part of as he shared his simple tips.

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When asked about the start of his company, he is quick to say that the idea was not his to begin with. He did not have the funds to start such establishments back then but he had what it took to provide the initial input and ground work. His partner then, Carlos Vincent Cerchiari provided the investment. The two partners for 4 years before he went it alone..

Guilherme Paulus explained his typical successful day to be one where he sticks to his schedule. He has a habit of writing out his daily and weekly schedules which he then follows to the later. This is a trick that helps him to remain organized and feel empowered with his work. He also tends to approach all his days with gratitude. He is able to look forward to whatever comes next by maintaining a grateful attitude and being optimistic.

He also believes in taking action even when it is into the unknown. Indeed Guilherme Paulus is able to achieve success because he is unafraid to try new things.

The Stock Exchange Advisor, Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a Chief Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing and the founder of Profit Unlimited Newsletter which served as a guide to stock market subscription. Mr. Mampilly is also a co-manager to True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes trading services. He focuses on helping the Main Street American to grow their investment using technological advancement and to utilize any investment opportunity. He has also worked as an Assistant Portfolio Manager at Bankers Trust and as an analyst in the Deutsche Bank Asset Management.

Paul Mampilly has worked in various capacities in different financial management services providers. Among these are co-Portfolio Manager and management team at Kinetics Assets Management, the author, editor, and publisher at the Capuchin Group, the Money manager at the private banks in Swiss and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Paul Mampilly is an American and a Fordham University graduate. He is a renowned World finance professional. After his graduation in 1991, Mampilly worked in Bankers Trust as a financial manager. He has proved to be the best financial investor. He won a competitive award presided by the Templeton Foundation. He interested invest in stock market businesses. As a Hedge Fund consultant and Financial Adviser, Mr. Mampilly interacted with several customers who have helped grow in his business. He is a stock exchange marketer, and he advises customers to buy shares for more years.

Paul Mampilly is a successful manager while working in Kinetics Asset Management. He managed to make the company realized its growth of more triple the amount when he joined. He also writes newsletters on the Profits Unlimited.

Mampilly has turned his business to artificial intelligence. He believes that with the advancement of technology, companies that are using artificial intelligence have more advantages over those which do not use. As his aim to reach many investors, Mampilly has released a video that teaches about the artificial intelligence, the data that it generates and giving steps on how to sign up, and its application to the real world of business. In his video, Mampilly also explains how the artificial intelligence work as a security to their businesses.

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James River Capital Explains 3 Simple Changes That Can Improve One’s Leadership Style

James River Capital, a Virginia-based investment firm, shared on their blog a post listing 3 simple tips that can help leaders improve their approach when it comes to their leadership style. In order to lead and to manage the team effectively, the leader needs to posses great skill and it takes development to be able to pull it off. While it takes time to develop certain skills in order to become a great leader, there are simple changes that can make a big difference. Researchers conducted extensive studies trying to figure out what the most effective leadership strategies look like. Based on their studies, they outlined 3 simple changes that can help improve one’s leadership style. The 3 tips are supporting your team instead of leading it, encouraging as well as welcoming escalation, and the fact that everyone’s opinion matters. Learn more:


One strategy that gets employed by the leaders at Facebook is supporting the team and not leading them. The simple one-word shift from “lead” to “support” can alter the way the leader sees their role and change their approach when it comes to interacting with their team. Despite the fact that it is a small change, it can make a critical mentality shift and have a big impact.


The second tip is encouraging as well as welcoming escalations. Studies that were conducted recently showed that around 85% of employees tend to withhold critical feedback from their leaders. Generally, if the employees feel like there is a risk of getting in trouble by going to leader with an issue, they would chose not to do it. Not having open and transparent communication will result in little room for collaboration, innovation, and engagement between leader and workers. Google discovered through their research the concept titled “psychological safety”, which is something leaders should focus on creating. The leader should ensure that people feel safe coming to them with problems, improvements, and/or challenges. In order to create psychological safety the leader should welcome and encourage escalation (and showing appreciation when it occurs), and make sure that during team meetings everyone gets to speak.


Following the idea that everyone should get the chance to speak in a team meeting, the leader should try to remove any obstacle, such as the obstacle of team members holding themselves back. During meetings, the leader should take notice when same people get to talk consistently, and to try to engage the members who tend to be quieter and ask for their input.


About James River Capital


The investment firm was founded in 1986 under the name KP Futures Management Corp, and was initially the alternative investment department of Kidder, Peabody & Co. James River became independent in 1995 when Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt, the 2 senior officers of the department, purchased the business.
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Career Development of Flavio Maluf and his Report on the Agribusiness Sector

Flavio Maluf is a prominent Brazilian entrepreneur and a son to a Politician and business father. He is the CEO of Eucatex Group, a company he joined in 1987 from industrial business. Born in 1961 to politician Paulo Maluf, Flavio Maluf attended Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado in Brazil where he was awarded a Mechanical Engineering degree and later attended New York University where he graduated with a degree in business administration.

Eucatex Group company was established in 1951 with a specialty in the supply of skirting boards, wood fibers, partitions, panels, paints, and doors to buildings under construction as well as the creation of toys and great furniture. The company’s wood products are made from eucalyptus wood fibers, which are unique in Brazil. The flooring laminate is manufactured from eucalyptus and made in different designs that portray elegance and prime. Read this article of Flavio Maluf at Business and Economics.

The Eucatex Group offers products that are supplied to residential and commercial buildings all over the world. The company has always focused on the manufacturing of products and processes that are environmentally friendly since 1950 despite the lack of restriction in those days to go green in production. In 1997, Flavio Maluf was chosen to lead the family business Eucatex as the president.

In an agribusiness presentation, Flavio Maluf reported the balance in the agribusiness sector for the agribusiness sector between June of 2017 and June of 2018. The Eucatex president pointed out that the agribusiness sector took close to half of the exported products in Brazil at 45.6% in sales at $9.21 billion. For the imports, there was a drop of 10.1 percent to $ 1.04 billion in June 2018.

Flavio Maluf also noted that there was a balance in trade in the agribusiness sector as a result of the movement in imports and exports for June. Soybeans took more than half of the total exported agribusiness products at 53.5 percent followed at a distance by by-products from forests at 14.4 percent, meat at 8.3 percent, sugar-alcohol complex at 7 percent and finally coffee at 3.9 percent. The main destination for this products in China and it should increase to the European Union.

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The Cidade Jardim Complex Got Zeco Auriemo In The BoF 500

Zeco Auriemo, also known as Jose Auriemo Neto is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of JHSF Participacoes SA. The real estate company is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in the Continental Tower, and focuses mainly on real estate development, shopping malls, residential and commercial properties throughout Brazil and a number of other countries.

JHSF was established by Auriemo’s father, Zeco joining the company in 1993. He secured the rights for the development of the first JHSF shopping destination, entitled Shopping Santa Cruz. Auriemo is responsible for founding the Cidade Jardmin Corporate Center, a complex which contains 180 stores, 4 offices, 9 residential towers, a Fasano hotel, as well as residential apartments. His work on the complex also got him inducted in the BoF 500 in 2018, read ( BoF 500 is a list of professionals who helped shape the $2.4 trillion fashion sector. The people on the list are picked by the editors of The Business of Fashion publication, based on nominations received from other BoF 500 members, and based on extensive research.

Zeco Auriemo has been added to the list as a result of introducing luxury brands to Brazil. In 2009, he oversaw JHSF’s venture into retail, and signed exclusive partnership agreements with Jimmy Choo, Pucci, and Hermes. As a result of the agreement, JHSF opened retail outlets in the Cidade Jardim shopping center. Furthermore, in 2012 the company secured a partnership with the brand Valentino, and launched the first Valentino as well as Valentino Red stores in the country. Auriemo continues to administer the company’s shopping and retail portfolio, which includes the aforementioned Cidade Jardim, but also the Ponta Negra shopping center located in Manaus, the Bela Vista located in Salvador, and the Metro Tucuruvi. He also contributes to a number of non-profit organization, but does not want to popularize his image as a philanthropist.


Whitney Wolfe Wants to Empower Women

The point of Bumble is giving women their power back. When Whitney Wolfe came up with the idea for the dating app, she knew the most important thing was making sure women knew they had a chance to do better. They didn’t have to deal with unwanted advances from men in the way they did on other dating apps and in the real world. In fact, Whitney Wolfe did what she could to make sure that didn’t happen on Bumble. By making sure women are the only ones who can contact people first, Wolfe made sure others had the chance to do things that would help them see the positive experiences they needed. Wolfe felt good about giving others a positive experience while also making sure people knew how to get more help from different people on the site. They could get more out of the app than they could with any other app in the industry. Visit to know more about Whitney Wolfe.

It made sense for Wolfe because she had to deal with unwanted advances from men on her own. She found it was difficult to deal with these and that was something she didn’t want other women to have to continue dealing with. Just because a woman wants a date doesn’t mean she should have to deal with lewd messages or unsolicited pictures. Wolfe saw a chance to make a real change in the dating industry and she took that chance to help women all over the country get the best online dating experience.

Even though Whitney Wolfe had to work hard to make sure she could help people, she felt good about giving back. It was an uphill battle to get what she wanted, but Whitney Wolfe knew it was worth it. Her site gave her the chance to cater to women from different backgrounds who needed someone to care about them. It also made it easier for people to see what they could get on their own. With Whitney Wolfe, things continued getting better and people continued getting a positive experience based on what they wanted to take away from the dating app.