Copa Star Hospital Reinvents the Healthcare Landscape

In many years, we have witnessed little dynamism in the architectural design of many hospitals. However, designers in Brazil have dared to challenge this norm. They have gone ahead to employ top-notch technology into building one of the luxurious hospitals in the world. The Copa Star Hospital, which took over three years to be completed and cost a whooping R $ 400 million, opened its doors to patients in October 2013.

Located in Figueiredo Magalhães Street in Rio Copacabana, the Hospital Copa Star boasts of architectural design that is similar to a five star hotel, which gives patients unrivaled comfort and luxury. It also embraces top technological innovations coupled with excellent service delivery through highly qualified personnel. The staff have undergone extensive training, which has equipped them with unparalleled skills that help them to render personalized treatment to both residents and patients from other parts.

The Hospital Copa Star is massive with seven floors and a total of 21,000 sq. meters. The top range health facility operates on the most advanced technology rarely found on other parts of the world. The Smart Hospitality system is one of the revolutionary ways to bestow patients with autonomy. The facility rides on PeopleNet’s Occupational Health and Safety Management software that offers distinguished features that patients cannot experience in other hospitals. Patients can easily launch communication with doctors or nurses by simply using the iPad that is availed to them on admission. The technology also gives inpatients the flexibility of handling all operational aspects of their rooms. Brightness of the room can easily be altered from the comfort of the patient’s bed. Besides giving patients a quick access to doctors, the automated system also allows them to open and close curtains. Read more at about Copa Star.

According to Jorge Moll, the hospital has greatly reduced the burden patients had to bear flying to Sao Paulo to seek health services. It has provided Rio de Janeiro citizens with an opportunity to access quality healthcare in a safe environment.

The provision of an extra spacious floor attached to the building allows free movement of both healthcare professionals and stretchers. This is specifically important during emergencies that need quick response. The ventilation is uniquely designed with an aromatization system to permit flow of fresh air into the building. The hospitals also features eye-catching paintings from top Japanese painters.

Training of employees is one aspect that the Copa hospital has not neglected. With over 550 employees comprising of 113 doctors, all have gone through rigorous training and tests aimed at enhancing their efficiency in offering best services to the patients. Copa Star hospital has managed to completely reinvent the healthcare landscape because it is designed with high technology and first-class facilities coupled with highly qualified professionals.

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