Why Lori Senecal is a Leader to be Watched Out in the Advertising Industry.

Lori Senecal is an industrious expert who has served several companies in various management positions. She is a qualified marketer who knows what it takes to advertise products in the market effectively. Lori Senecal holds a degree in sales and marketing from McGill University. She was raised in Canada and spends most her free time in photography and technologically related activities. Visit Adweek to know more.

Since March 2014, she has been serving as the global chief executive officer of Crispin Porter and Bogusky (CP&B). CP&B is a famous marketing agency that specializes in marketing products and services of different brands. Lori Senecal is on the forefront in ensuring proper coordination of international offices in the organization and enhancing the company’s growth and development. Since her entrance into the firm, CP&B has recorded an increase in its yield and has been privileged to be among top creative, innovative companies in marketing.

Lori Senecal has experience in data analytics as well as knowledge in foreign accounts. Lori’s can predict market trends help companies to stay at the forefront of industry trends. Her outstanding expertise makes her a target to many employers. Lori is a target to organizations for her outstanding skill, which involves bringing out the best in people and companies. Senecal has won several awards including a quantum leap award during the AWNY Game Changer Awards.

Lori Senecal’s career began by being employed to various brands, which include Xbox, Nestle, Staples, Weight Watcher’s, Sprint, Applebee’s, InBev and Nabisco. She worked as the global accountant manager of Coca-Cola. Her innovative skills pushed her to establish a young-adult advertising agency, TAG Ideation, in 2003. The creative entrepreneur served DDB Worldwide Communications Limited from 2005 to 2008 and later got employed at McCann Erickson Worldwide as an assistant managing director of TAG in New York. She advanced and became the accounts managing director and the executive vice president of McCann Worldgroup Inc. In 2009, she got an employment opportunity at Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners as the CEO as well as the president. She left the company in 2014 to serve MDC Partners as the CEO and Director until 2015 when she joined CP&B. Follow her on Twitter

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