How Robert Ivy’s Innovative Leadership Is Shaping The American Institute Of Architects

There have been many leaders who have helmed the American Institute of Architects over the more than 161 years that the organization has been in existence. The organization that the world knows today as the American Institute of Architects has a very long history that actually begins in the year 1857.

In March of 1857 a group of architects in New York City came together to develop the constitution for a professional association that they would then call The New York Society of Architects. The New York Society of Architects would later change its name to the American Institute of Architects, a choice that would arguably allow it to embrace a more inclusive mission of serving architects across the United States. The first person who would ascend to the position of president of the American Institute of Architects when it was first founded was a person who was named Richard Upjohn. The American Institute of Architects is one of the leading professional organizations for architects in the world today.
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While there have been many presidents and leaders who have taken on the challenge of leading the American Institute of Architects over the course of the organization’s 161 year history Robert Ivy, the current head of the American Institute of Architects, stands apart as a leader who is proactive and who is offering a distinct and compelling vision for the role that architecture can play in American society. While the American Institute of Architects started out being led by a president it has since shifted its leadership structure throughout its storied history to be led by a CEO. Robert Ivy holds the distinction of being named both the Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects as well as its Chief Executive Officer.
As a leader in the world of professional architects Robert Ivy has taken on the responsibility of helping to shape the profession of architecture for the better. In his role as the most senior member of the team that is responsible for leading the American Institute of Architects Robert Ivy has helped to innovate the architectural industry in ways that few other leaders in his position have.
What makes Robert Ivy’s vision for the architecture industry distinct from that of other leaders in the industry is the fact that he views architecture as an industry that must work with professionals in other industries in order to maintain its relevance and to enhance the value that architects and architecture bring to American society. In light of this Robert Ivy has long been an advocate for developing partnerships that cross the boundaries that typically separate architects and the professionals who deliver care to patients in the health industry. Robert Ivy’s writing on the subject has presented the idea that architects can practice their craft in a way to have a positive impact on health disparities.

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