Drew Madden and the State of Healthcare IT

When Amazon came to light, there probably weren’t very many people who predicted that the giant would eventually acquire Whole Foods or play a hand in putting Toys “R” Us out of business, but they’ve really done a remarkable job at moving and shaking the direction of multiple industries with their worldwide, web-based services. As one of the most powerful companies of its caliber, it’s no shock that they have an incredible stranglehold on retail establishments everywhere, but what of their continued influence against the likes of other niche stores?

Other focused retailers like Rite Aid or Walgreen’s could end up suffering down the road with Amazon’s recent move to procure the rights to sell medical gear. Dipping its toes in the medical waters has these companies worried, which explains why CVS recently fired back by addressing considerations to purchase Aetna, an eminent health insurance agency that would allow CVS to offer health insurance right inside its physical locations alongside pharmaceutical consultations and prescription pickups.

This will go great lengths to shut Amazon out of any significant hand in the medical industry although their next move is to acquire licenses for the selling and transportation of actual prescription medications themselves, which will open up a new level of convenience for clients who need their medicine delivered directly to their doorstep. This, of course, would spell trouble for the smaller companies that are focused on the medical industry unless they innovate on their current offerings to keep up with Amazon’s endeavor.

In order for CVS to succeed with Aetna, they’ll need to move briskly with an emphasis on heathcare IT and the assistance of someone like Drew Madden. This is an essential part of providing in-store and web-based prescription and other pharmaceutical services. Having the proper server infrastructure and back-end support will allow for quick and convenient access, confirmation and exchange of patient records, prescription information and other data that will be needed to move pills where they’re needed most. Drew Madden is currently one of the top dogs in this field, and if CVS has their wits about themselves, expect to see his name pop up next to theirs in the coming years.

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