Innovacare Health is a medical company that seeks to provide solutions to healthcare organizations for them to become more efficient. Dr. Shinto conceptualized the company. Dr. Shinto had realized that there was a need to have the operational expertise of the physician groups and those relying on health services in the health sector. In 2003, North American Medical Management engaged in a partnership with Straus Group. The partnership paid off, and growth in the company actualized. NAMM was able to acquire MMM healthcare in Puerto Rico. In December 2012, InnovaCare Health was formed from NAMM.


Innovacare health care has able leadership with experience and the required to expertise. Dr. Richard Shinto is the president and the Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Shinto was honored in the top 25 minority Executives in Healthcare awards by Modern Healthcare. This underlined his strong leadership at InnovaCare. In 2016, the health firm announced Penelope Kokkinides as its Chief Administrative Officer. Kokkinides had worked previously in government programs such as the Medicaid. She has also been involved in clinical program development to boost efficiency. She has also held executive positions in some health firms. These include; Centrelight HealthCare, Touchstone Health, and AmeriChoice. Having experience at the top level, she has the tenacity to steer the firm forward. She has a degree in biological sciences from Binghamton University, Masters in social work from New York University and Masters in public health from Columbia University.


InnovaCare collaborates with the government to improve healthcare in Puerto Rico. During a meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House, Kokkinides highlighted the need for increased federal funding in Puerto Rico for Medicare. InnovaCare health has put in place a healthcare model that manages Medicaid through the Government Health Plan. In Puerto Rico, InnovaCare is the only firm that offers NCQA accredited health plans. The firm has 500000 lives led through government programs. In 2017, 955 million dollars annual claims were processed by InnovaCare.


In Puerto Rico, InnovaCare is responsible for Medicare, and it is also the islands most popular plan. The plan is being provided by InnovaCare two primary subsidiaries, MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare choice. It is also worth noting and appreciating humanitarian efforts by InnovaCare in Puerto Rico. The hurricane relief program is known as “Caminamos Juntos,” meaning we walk together in English. This is an initiative to rebuild Puerto Rico to reduce effects of the crisis experienced.


Paul Mampilly Enjoys Helping Main Street Americans

Paul Mampilly is working to build a publishing career that will provide investment advice to what he refers to as “Main Street Americans.” He does this in a number of ways including writing a weekly column for Winning Investor Daily and by managing two elite trading services: True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. In 2016, Paul joined Banyan Hill Publishing where more than 90,000 people have signed up to receive his newsletter called Profits Unlimited. This eight page monthly newsletter provides information on investment opportunities and the different stocks which Paul recommends to his readers. Visit the website to learn more.

Banyan Hill Publishing is a hedge fund management service with over 400,000 daily readers. They also have a web site that provides information about investment strategies. The name Banyan is derived from one of the hardest trees in the world with the significance being they provide a broad and lasting shelter to help you weather the storm. Paul is one of several experts employed by Banyan Hill. He provides an expert opinion about high level investments. This information is designed to help investors who may not have access to the “top shelf” Wall Street advice. Paul Mampilly focuses on helping people to build a portfolio by providing advice about small-cap stocks, growth investing and tech opportunities.

After earning an MBA from Fordham University, Paul Mampilly worked as an assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust. From there, he went to work for some well known management companies and legal firms including such big names as ING and the Deutsche Bank. Kinetic Asset Management hired Paul to handled there multibillion dollar hedge fund. Under his supervision, the company assets grew to $25 billion.

The fast paced life of working on Wall Street took its toll on Paul. He felt as though he was dedicating his life to earning money for the ultra rich instead of spending it with his family at home. It was his desire to help everyday people which led Paul Mampilly to begin working as a research and investment analyst. Paul Mampilly helps people learn how to invest their money as well as how to get the most out of what they make. Check:


Matt Badiali How Oil Prices Can Be Impacted By Geopolitical Conflict

There is no denying that the oil market is volatile. Based on the current geopolitics there may be some significant changes taking place in the oil sector. Oil has also undergone a noticeable increase in the last few months. Matt Badiali understands that anyone who decides to invest in oil must carefully consider the impact that geopolitics may have on trade and oil prices.

One of the most significant changes that is taking place is the cancellation of the Iran deal. Iran benefited from access to frozen assets in exchange for scaling back their nuclear program during President Barack Obama’s presidency. As a result, the country was able to sell up to 3.8 million barrels of oil per day. Matt Badiali comprehends the end of the deal can significantly impact the global economy. Iran will no longer be able to freely participate in the global marketplace. In addition, countries such as Russia and China have voiced their dissatisfaction with the rescinding of the agreement. This may add to additional conflicts in the future between the United States, China and Russia. Read more at to know more.

The middle east is also facing an increase in conflict between Yemen and Saudi Arabia. The rebels and terrorists in Yemen have taken over key cities. As a result, Saudi Arabia has decided to intervene in Yemen’s conflict. This had led to an increase in border conflicts and escalations. If the problems between Yemen and Saudi Arabia continue to increase oil prices and production can be significantly impacted.

Matt Badiali has also carefully observed the conditions of Venezuela. The country is currently facing a severe economic crisis, inflation and geopolitical tension. Lack of resources and production has led to a decrease in the country’s oil production. In 2014, Venezuela had 80 rigs of oil a day. By the end of 2018 the number is expected to decrease to only 40 active rigs. A more alarming comparison is the production of oil in 1997. Venezuela produced 3 million barrels of oil per day in 19987 and will only be able to produce 1.2 million by 2018.

For those who are seeking expert advice on investments. Matt Badiali is an excellent resource. His articles provide a unique viewpoint on a wide range of issues including oil prices. Readers can be assured that they will receive well researched information and first-rate investment advice. Specifically, in the areas of natural resources. Visit:


The Achievements of Michael Hagele

There is a point in life when a person’s life changes for the better. For Michael Hagele, the time came in a particular winter while he was working as a car wash attendant in Chicago. Before, he had never thought of pursuing his educational goals. During this winter, Michael resolved to go to get back to school. He, therefore, enrolled at the University of Iowa for his B.A and later at the University of California for a J.D. With this education, Mr. Hagele was fit to kick off his career. He began working at Fenwick and West LLP. It did not take long for him to start representing internet firms on legal matters. Learn more at about Michael.

Michael’s expertise in business and law has seen him being sort for in a significant way. As of now, Michael Hagele is a counsel for numerous technology firms, research companies, designing companies and also companies that offer products in business related to biotechnology, aerospace and internet services. Alongside his work, Mr. Hagele is an investor. He has invested in numerous hospitality companies besides starting his restaurant. His interest in entrepreneurship has seen him acquire business knowledge on telecommunication, hardware and software fields. Even though he has business expertise in various areas, Michael is fascinated by technology.

When he gets to the office, he prioritizes on handling the matters of his technology clients. He gets to the details of each issue. Later in the afternoon, Michael prefers to have a physical exercise which in most instances is a bike ride. The exercise helps him jog his mind. Often, he reaches a particular approach to a client’s issue during this time. When getting back to the office in the afternoon, Michael usually has a different outlook. He handles all the issues that cropped up during the day.

Michael admits that problem-solving can be at times tiring. He encourages people to persevere. One trend that Michael hopes will change the outlook of the technology world is Artificial Intelligence. He believes that AI will change the way people do things. One approach that makes him succeed is the fact that he places his customers on top of his list of priorities.



Ted Bauman is an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing for the Bauman letter, alpha stock alert, and club plan b. Ted was born in Washington DC and trained as an economist in the US. He later moved to South Africa in the mid-1980s and served in several executive positions. In South Africa, he was in charge of formulating and implementing post-apartheid policies and urban planning. He also worked for a non-profit organization as a fund manager for projects that invested in low-cost houses. He also pursued a Master’s degree in Economics and History at the University of Cape Town.

Ted Bauman has consulted, researched and written extensively on housing and urban planning policies. He has worked in many places such as the United Nations, the South African government and grant-giving agencies in Europe. Ted has traveled the world over and understands how different political and economic dynamics interact. His articles have been featured in international journals such as Journal of microfinance, the Guardian, South African press and small enterprise development and environment and urbanization. Visit Ted Bauman at to know more.

In 2008, Ted Bauman moved back to the United States and was appointed as the Director for International Programs at Habitat for Humanity International, a non-profit organization. Ted used his background in economics to assess organizational sustainability in projects. In September 2013, Ted joined Banyan hills publishing, a firm that specializes in low-risk investment opportunities, asset protection, and immigration issues. Banyan Hills started in 1998 at the time being known as the sovereign society. It provides financial advice to individuals who want grow their wealth while considering the economic environment.

Ted Bauman has been an editor for the Bauman letter, plan b club and the alpha stock alert. The Bauman letter is a monthly advisory feature that enables individuals to take charge of their investment decisions. It provides an individual with personal freedom through actionable strategies that help one grow and protect wealth. Plan b club provides readers with advice on immigration issues, moving abroad and acquisition of secondary citizenship. The readers get to know the opportunities available in living abroad as well as escape excessive tax burden by the US government hence protecting their wealth.

Ted also writes on the alpha stock alert. This makes use of the alpha code system to identify stocks that will grow even when all other stocks are deteriorating. Ted has expansive experience in economics, creation, and protection of wealth and is among top editors at Banyan Hills Publishing who help members of the public make informed investment decisions.

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Meet Felipe Montoro Jens, the Author and Financial Expert

Minister Dyogo Oliveira saw the need to boost private investmnts and infrastructures in Brazil. In an Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Mr. Dyogo Oliveira highlighted the importance of having financial guarantee strategies to leverage private infrastructures for Latin America. The Planning, Development, and Management Minister, Dyogo Oliveira asked the IDB to support studies and researches that facilitate private investments leverage and provide risk management solutions in the area.

The Argentina Minister for Finance, Luis Caputo, seconded the investment proposal. Felipe Montoro Jens reported that the Spain Secretary of State for Economy and Business Support, Garrido, prioritized Brazil for their investment. Minister Oliveira explains why it is necessary for new projects to have the IDB support. Read more about Jens at

Felipe Montoro Jens states that Luis Alberto Moreno, IDB president, advocated for the infrastructure convergence and improved relationship between countries. Mr. Moreno encouraged regions to consolidate their resources to overcome growth obstacles and accomplish the necessary development. He emphasized that the bank has reinforced environmental sustainability and gender equality policies to execute its projects.

Minister Dyogo Oliveira pointed out the several Public-Private Partnership (PPPs) Brazil has made for public works. According to him, the Brazilian government has taken actions that align with the country practices, IDB actions and guidelines, and other Brazil multilateral agencies. Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens compiled and presented the report.

The Ministry of Planning, Development and Management news portal states that PPPs are up in the Caribbean and Latin America. Over the past ten years, around 1,000 PPP projects worth $ 360 billion have been established. Oliveira revealed that Brazil had borrowed about $ 12.9 billion more to 2016 from Inter-American Development Bank.

Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is a financial expert. He is conversant with business partnerships, privatization, and financial world. Felipe is also a talented author of investment issues and matters solved through merging.

The financial specialist was the chief executive officer of Energizer Captacao S.A. He was also among the Santo Antonio Energia executive directors. Felipe Montoro Jens showed his expertise to French Tribune during the growth of the private industry in Brazil. The articles target developers looking for overseas opportunities and market.



Alex Pall gives insites on his carrey journey

Alex Pall starts by telling us that he was a DJ growing up and it was a hobby for him. He used to Deejay around New York, and he had a little career going. Being a DJ was just but a side job that Alex was passionate about. It seemed scary to him when he was pursuing something which looked more of fun than a job, and at the time he was at an art gallery, and he realized that dance music was wasting much of his time and he wanted to give it a good shot at a certain point.

Alex was working with the same manager he has now and later introduced him to Drew after which they met and immediately started working. He shifted from Maine, Alex quit his job, and that is where the whole success began. Andrew Taggart met Alex in Maine, and they became close just by their first meeting, and they used to hang out almost every day in his apartment, and four years down the line, they have a story to tell.

Alex Pall and his friend had conversations mostly about music, and that was what they were into while they grew up. They both used to observe what used to go on around them and this was just part of creating their current identity. Drew was a producer who was very talented and as they worked together, they would always try and come up with something new about music and getting to create an identity since they were upcoming artists.

Over time they got to learn values from each other, and they always took an extra mile to make sure they became better artists because they expected the job to pay their bills. People liked their music, and the journey had started, so they had to ensure their music was loved more and more. Within no time, they had become more prominent,much more significant than anyone would have expected and due to that they always had to try new things. With the new achievement, fans demand that we produce albums and we thought that dance records, good songs or maybe an interlude would be excellent because that is the same format for other DJ albums.


Ted Bauman started working with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. He studied economics in the United States after which he relocated to South Africa in the 1980s various where he played a significant role in the implementation and development of the post-apartheid urbanization and economic policies. During the period of the 1990s and 2000s, Ted Bauman served in a number of entities such as United Nations, European, and African governments as a consultant. He has spent most of his time traveling across Africa and Asia, in a bid to develop and appreciate various economic and political dynamics in various societies across the globe. He has done a lot of research publishing as well as commentaries in several international journals. They include Environment and Urbanization, Small Enterprise Development, and The Journal of Microfinance. Visit to know more.

Ted Bauman went back to the United States in 2008 to serve as International Programs’ director in a nonprofit organization that is based in Atlanta. His extensive economics background helps him to focus on the techniques and methods for assessing the sustainability and effectiveness of an organization. He joined his predecessor company, Banyan Hill Publishing, in 2013 as an editor on a part-time contract. During his time in the firm, Ted Bauman has developed a massive following due to the application of his international experience and economic knowledge in writing.

Being an economist, Ted Bauman has an ability to view an investment scenery from a wider and broader perspective. Therefore, he is able to offer his readers a variety and unique insights on the trends and developments in the markets that have the potential of making profits as well as the ones that are a threat to their likelihoods of making a profit. Apart from his writings in the Alpha Stock Weekly, Plan B Club, and The Bauman Letter, Ted writes for a daily newsletter in Banyan Hill called The Sovereign Investor Daily.

He publishes various publications such as The Bauman Letter, The Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B club. The Bauman letter which is published monthly offers advisory services in helping readers secure and preserve their wealth using personal, legal and investment strategies. On the other hand, Alpha Stock Alert offers recommendations on the stock market centered on Alpha Code System. The system defies volatility through identification of key alpha stocks positioned to increase in both the bear and bull markets. Lastly is the Plan B Club which guides readers on how to move overseas and acquire secondary citizenship.



Trabuco – History Of The Ancient War Machine

Many years ago, before advancement of technology man-made simple tools to protect himself against his foes. The Trabuco, the ancient War machine, was popular in the Middle Ages was one of the ancient most destructive weapons used by kingdoms and territories to acquire resources.

This was through the conquering of the enemy fortresses and kingdoms. It had the ability to bring down protected high masonry walls and castles down within several minutes of hitting. It was used to fire stones over high concrete walls, in times of war.

Three to five hits of the Trabuco could bring the walls down thus allowing armies to access the territories and conquer the enemies. The Trabuco converted potential energy into kinetic energy, therefore, enabling it to perform its function.

The Trabuco was first invented by the Chinese in the 400Bc and spread to Europe by 600BC. It could fire up to 140 kilograms at a supersonic speed and almost a kilometer when it comes to the distance.


It was also used by foes to project disease-ridden bodies or corpses to enemy camps hoping to spread the disease to the opposing enemy. Trabuco origin is derived from the sling but thereafter, it evolved into the traction and counterweight Trabuco.

The traction one used the sling like a process where it was operated by 15-25 men. They had to pull the strings attached to a device with a sling on its long arm. They were also volunteers. The more the speed it could generate the more the damage it could have done upon arrival.

It was quite effective on stone walls of fortresses and castles. As the barriers were broken down, the attacking forces could enter the region and cause terror and destruction.

It was extensively used in many wars during the middle ages. Persians and Byzantine Empire brought the machine to the Middle East. The Vikings knew it after the Paris attack. Nordics used it in France during the Siege of Angers in 863, Italians in the 12th century whereas England in 1216 according to

Richard the Lionheart built two gigantic ones which he used during the Arch siege in 1191. He named one of them, ‘God’s own catapult. Edward Longshanks also had one which he named, ‘War Wolf’ that was used by England to attack Stirling Castle in 1304.

However, its use was discontinued due to the discovery of gunpowder. Gunpowder was more effective and efficient thus giving it an advantage.

Check more about Trabuco:

Betsy DeVos: Working for a Better Standard of Education in America

Nothing quite compares to the drive and determination that Betsy DeVos brings to her work every single day. In fact, recent events might show that Betsy DeVos is as dedicated as ever to the field of education. When she was elected to her post, there are many people that believe she would be nothing more than a figurehead for a failing department. She instantly set out to prove them wrong about her and saw that opportunity when her own personal values were confronted with a recent rescindence order for students who identified as transgender. This order would bar those students from the utilization of bathroom facilities that closely match their own gender qualifiers, Betsy DeVos was not a supporter of this movement. In fact, she even went as far as to warn administrators and students that would be affected by the order before it went into effect. She has always put her students before even her own colleagues because she knows what matters.


Anyone interested in this event or any of the other good work that Betsy DeVos is doing should locate the article entitled “Betsy DeVos Is Publicly Polite, but a Political Fighter” published by The New York Times on their website. Her career is speckled with controversy, but it is also the earmark of a fantastic leader. She is never been one to take the word “no” for an answer. In the mind of Betsy DeVos, there is always a way to help someone and get the outcome that is needed. When she took office, one of the first things that Betsy DeVos promised was some type of change in the system. She has told multiple media outlets that she is interested in the expansion of school choice programming and the complete overhaul of the public-school education system. This continues to be a top priority, as Betsy DeVos tours the country visiting charter and private schools that provide examples of the advantages of this type of education.


Even when she resided in Michigan, Betsy DeVos spent much of her time campaigning for schools. She was a member of various boards of education and organizations centered around school choice. It seems only natural that she would eventually attain the highest status anyone in this field would be capable of, Secretary of Education. There seems to be a disconnect between what people know about Betsy DeVos and what people are willing to believe about her, this thing is that all the information one would need to determine her motives is already apparent in the Michigan education system. Michigan continues to flourish under expanded charter schools and public school systems. She also helps to implement scholarship programs for students that are not able to afford these types of school systems. She’s interested in overhauling the system, but not at the expense of the students. She believes that all students should be able to have access to this type of education. Like many, we will be interested to see where her next steps will take her on the road to better education for America.


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