Dr Jennifer Walden receives Positive Reviews For Making Her Patients Comfortable

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon who founded Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center PLLC in Austin Texas. She has also has been recognized as one of the best plastic surgeons in America, by America Way. The reviews from her patients reflect the quality and care she gives each patient.

Reviews from customers that have had breast augmentation surgery have stated that DR Jennifer Walden and her staff have kept the patient’s well-informed pre and post surgery. She was intentive to the patient’s needs and answered any questions that they may have had. She was very honest about what she could do. Post care Dr. Walden and her staff were professional, caring, and accommodating.

Reviews from patients that had received botox treatments have also stated how well informed Jenifer had kept them. They felt comfortable and safe during the surgery. The reviews also state that those who received botox were satisfied with there results.

Reviews from patients who had mommy makeovers really liked the fact that they provided digital photos of what they will look like after the procedure at no cost. The patients felt comfortable showing and discussing their issues. The patients felt no judgment over their flaws.

Reviews from customers who received tummy tucks were happy with Jeniffer’s no-nonsense approach. She told them exactly what she could do, and what to expect. They were happy with her bedside manner, and the results that they received after the procedure.

Overall People thought that the office was clean and had a welcoming atmosphere. They were made to feel comfortable and in charge of what happened to them at all times. The doctors were professional and well educated on all the procedures. The staff treated the patients in a friendly caring way. Overall the customers were happy with the results of their procedure. They were also happy with the overall experience.

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