Krishen Iyer Founder and CEO Interview

Krishen Iyer is the Founder and CEO of Managed Benefits Services. He is a globally known and recognized entrepreneur.

Krishen Iyer says in an interview that he is an avid reader. He loves science fiction books and books based on financial topics including books authored by Warren Buffett.

Mr. Iyer has developed a multi-level platform that will go beyond the expectations of his clients with the effort and elements they have put into Managed Benefits Services. He remains to be committed to pursuing his entrepreneurial journey, which he says is his biggest accomplishment so far. He assists people to realize their top potential in the insurance space. His purpose is to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life by sharing their stories. He says that communication is not only a talent but a skill that we need to learn.

For Krishen Iyer each day brings a chance to reach his biggest in intending on daily making that day his best with his entrepreneurial goals.

Kirshen Iyer graduated from San Diego University. He is widely known for his entrepreneurial acumen and his extensive experience and is an expert in digital marketing (he joined Quick Link Marketing), client relations and technical development.

Mr. Iyer, a California resident, travels frequently, loves music and is an avid reader. He likes being involved in numerous community beautification projects, cleaning up local parks, and contributing to clean up efforts in Haiti. During his career journey, he has been involved in several philanthropic works. His insatiable intellectual curiosity and detail-oriented mindset have shaped his entire career.


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