OSI Group Expands Its Reach To Australia After a Merger With Turi Foods

By the time OSI Group was staring no one thought it would eventually turn out to be one of the world’s leading meat processing and distribution companies around. A century later, the company sits steady among the biggest food processing companies globally with a network of facilities strategically located in different countries across the globe.

Behind this success, however, is an innovative management team led by the OSI chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin. The team is responsible for coming up with innovative sustainability goals including the aggressive acquisition drive that saw the company establish a solid foothold in Australia after the successful merger with Turi Foods.

OSI presence in Australia

The vision of being one of the largest meat distributors and being on the first name basis with the different households in the world saw OSI Group expand its operations in different parts of the world. The large population that provided a ready market, business-friendly laws by the federal government and the acceptability of the global brands made Australia a great target for the OSI expansion.

At first, the Sheldon Lavin led company sought to implement the company strategies that had already proved effective in the United States and several other countries. However, they would soon realize the prospects that the poultry industry held prompting the merger with Australia’s leading poultry company, Turi Foods. The all-important trade deal came at a time when the OSI was preparing to mark and celebrate its 100th year in the industry.

Turosi limited

The merger effectively dissolved OSI Australia and Turi Foods as they fused into the larger Turosi Pty Limited. Acknowledging the merger, Turi Foods CEO San Cuteri argued that the collaboration would help the new brand restructure its operations to surpass the global standards. He would also add that the decision was informed by the fact that the two meat processors not only have similar cultures, they also share similar visions for the industry.

More about OSI Group

Started as a German-immigrant run family company in 1908, OSI Group has withered numerous odds into becoming one of the largest food processing companies in the world. Most of which revolved around finances, management, and adoption of technology where some of these challenges threatened the continued survival of the company.

When Sheldon Lavin took over the company operations less than four decades ago, he gave OSI Group a new lease of life. He would also give it a new sense of direction by addressing some of its core challenges like sourcing of finances to help modernize the processing facilities as well as come up with more robust and cost-effective expansionary programs.

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