Bruce A Katzen Is Passionate About the Law

Bruce A. Katzen is a founding member and chair of Kluger Kaplan’s Trust & Estate Litigation Practice Group. Preceding his studies at Boston University where he graduated summa cum laude and later University of Miami School of Law where he graduated magna cum laude, salutatorian, Katzen worked as a Certified Public Accountant. It is this experience that aided him in becoming one of the premier financial fraud lawyers in Florida. Katzen is able to take on technically demanding financial cases and produce positive outcomes. His in depth understanding of financial law enables him to pursue avenues other lawyers might not recognize. For all of his success, Katzen has been recognized with award after award including being named to The Best Lawyers in America list this year.


Bruce Katzen brings more than his financial and legal expertize to the table. He brings a desire to win. Katzen has been quoted as saying “I’m passionate about prevailing in my client’s cases…” Whether it’s a guardianship case, franchise dispute, or corporate arbitration, Bruce Katzen has done it. As a member of the Florida Bar, Katzen has been serving justice and the greater Miami area since 1984. Since that time, Katzen has built his own reputation as well as an award-winning law firm. Year after year, he is named as a top lawyer in the state of Florida. His experience with complex commercial cases is unmatched, as is his passion for winning. Bruce A. Katzen is not just a lawyer he’s a winner.

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