OSI Group: World’s Largest Foods Provider Going Greener

The OSI Group is currently the world’s largest supplier of food products. Most people have never heard of them, but in fact they have been the supplier for McDonalds since the very beginning. Back in the 1950’s Otto and Sons were a small family-run meat company in Chicago who happened to be approached by a young Ray Kroc. As the relationship grew between two, it became clear they both relied on each other for success, and Otto and Sons grew into a huge company which had invested into freeze-dry technologies that could better support McDonalds’ growing demands. Thanks to these early investments, OSI Group is now the 63rd wealthiest private American company on the Forbes List, and they have get the privilege of feeding people all across the world.

Their leadership consists of Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald at the helm, with newly added Nicole Johnson-Hoffman driving the new era of sustainable business practices. Taking the company to new heights, Johnson-Hoffman reports to COO McDonald: who grew up with farming and agriculture his whole life in Northern Iowa, having graduated with a degree in Animal Sciences from Iowa State University. Johnson-Hoffman has worked in tandem with McDonalds’ “Scale for Good” campaign in an effort to make many sustainability moves for the company. These include reforestation efforts, water recycling and conservation efforts, C02 emission reduction efforts via ridesharing to work for employees, and better living conditions of livestock. Her commitment to OSI Group has helped the organization win multiple awards in sustainability globally. A few of these awards include the California Green Bussiness certification, the British Globe of Honour award from the Safety Council, and NAMI’s Environmental Award. With great power comes great responsibility, and OSI Group is proving that they are wielding their power responsibly enough to create positive social change that will last for decades to come.


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