Richard Liu Qiangdong: Intends to Exploit the Online Retail Market in South Asia

One of the greatest aspects about is its ability to come up with some innovative strategies that help it to remain relevant in the competitive market. Recently, Richard Liu Qiangdong has moved his e-commerce platform to Indonesia, where the organization is offering quality goods and services to its customers. The firm has already invested in Jakarta region where customers are buying goods while at the same paying through an online platform.

The company has adopted a similar strategy that it incorporated in China in the South Asian country. However, the products that the company is selling in Indonesia have been made with the consumers of Indonesia in mind. All the products sold by the organization in Indonesia meets the cultural needs of the people in this country. The company is delivering goods to the customer’s house, which has proven to be a convenience service like the one back in China.

Richard Liu highlighted that the company is focused in investing in South China before it can start in investing in other parts of the world such as Europe, the United States, and Africa among other areas. There is renewed energy in investing in countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand among others. Reports indicate that has recently opened a store in Indonesia, which will be one of the South Asian country where the entity will be setting its foothold.

The unmanned store in Jakarta helps individuals to buy products after which they are scanned using the QR code before paying using credit cards. This is the first unmanned store that the Asian giant has put outside China. According to Richard Liu, the company is putting this unmanned store as a pilot study, which will help it to understand whether it has the necessary number of customers in the country before investing in large scale. has been dominating the e-commerce retail market in China despite there being a number of other organizations that are offering the same products through a similar platform. The company has the goal of ensuring that it invests not only in China but also in the unexploited South Asian region.

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