ClassDojo Adding In New Features

ClassDojo is one of the most unique apps of its kind. The app in itself provides teachers with the opportunity to connect with their students and their parents in an effective manner. The app helps give teachers the chance to showcase on the students’ profiles what they have done in class and reward them virtually throughout the app and have the parents get to see it. ClassDojo wants to make the classroom one where the child can grow and effectively feel like they are growing as people. The overall goal is to make parent-teacher conferences a thing of the past where the parents can get updates on a monthly basis instead of just once or twice a year.

ClassDojo is partnering up with Ad Astra to provide a wide range of critical thinking puzzles called “Conundrums” that will help give students another place to learn. The goal is to create a place where they can discover critical thinking skills within themselves to use within the classrooms.

A conundrum is more of like a riddle that does not need to be solved with a single answer. The conundrums on this site are going to be full of unique ideas that most kids have never heard of before. It will usually involve a quick storyline and then asking how something ended up the way that it did. The goal is to have the students focus primarily on open ended answers and realizing that there is no one single answer. With the help of the images and the storyline, students can craft the answer in their own heads and brainstorm together.

ClassDojo is always looking for ways to improve and revolutionize how their app is used. Adding in this new feature gives students the chance to be creative, fun, and empowered to try something different. They want to give teachers another way to entertain students when there is down time and a slot in the day to get them thinking instead of having free time. The classrooms across the nation using ClassDojo are witnessing rapid growth and success using the ideas and this app in itself.