Bernardo Chua: A Multi-Level Marketing Specialist

Bernardo T. Chua is a Filipino businessman. He’s known in the Southeast Asian nation as a reputable multi-level marketing professional. He’s known throughout the planet for his expertise in the multi-level marketing field as well. Bernardo Chua had a job with an international wellness firm in his native land. The company was known as Gano Excel. He stayed with the company in the Philippines for roughly three years.

That’s when he decided to switch gears and help its international presence grow and get stronger. He worked to bring the company to other locations such as the United States, Canada and Hong Kong. He promptly relocated to California. That’s where he landed a position as Gano Excel U.S.A.’s president and promoted products that contained ganoderma. Examples of these products were instant coffee and capsules. The company made numerous foods as well.

PR Newswire believed that Bernado Chua works for OrganoGold as its founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer). OrganoGold is a brand that specializes in both ganoderma tea and coffee. It focuses on personal care products, nutraceuticals and beverages as well.

The OrganoGold staff is large and consists of independent distributors who spread the word about the brand’s offerings.

Bernardo Chua at the moment is still based in North America. He’s no longer in California, however. He’s currently in Canada where he works hard with OrganoGold on a daily basis. Fitness, wellness and health are all big passions for Chua. Chua is bilingual and speaks both Tagalog and English extremely well. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

Chua brings many diverse and interesting skills to the table. Some examples of his plentiful skills include cross-functional team leadership, mergers & acquisitions, new business development, supply chain management, international business, consumer goods and strategic planning. People can learn a lot from Chua.

He has extensive experience and insight regarding everything from product development and market planning to network marketing and, last but not least, quality assurance. It looks like Chua’s career in the vast multi-level marketing world is going to stay strong for years to come.