Innovacare Health is a medical company that seeks to provide solutions to healthcare organizations for them to become more efficient. Dr. Shinto conceptualized the company. Dr. Shinto had realized that there was a need to have the operational expertise of the physician groups and those relying on health services in the health sector. In 2003, North American Medical Management engaged in a partnership with Straus Group. The partnership paid off, and growth in the company actualized. NAMM was able to acquire MMM healthcare in Puerto Rico. In December 2012, InnovaCare Health was formed from NAMM.


Innovacare health care has able leadership with experience and the required to expertise. Dr. Richard Shinto is the president and the Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Shinto was honored in the top 25 minority Executives in Healthcare awards by Modern Healthcare. This underlined his strong leadership at InnovaCare. In 2016, the health firm announced Penelope Kokkinides as its Chief Administrative Officer. Kokkinides had worked previously in government programs such as the Medicaid. She has also been involved in clinical program development to boost efficiency. She has also held executive positions in some health firms. These include; Centrelight HealthCare, Touchstone Health, and AmeriChoice. Having experience at the top level, she has the tenacity to steer the firm forward. She has a degree in biological sciences from Binghamton University, Masters in social work from New York University and Masters in public health from Columbia University.


InnovaCare collaborates with the government to improve healthcare in Puerto Rico. During a meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House, Kokkinides highlighted the need for increased federal funding in Puerto Rico for Medicare. InnovaCare health has put in place a healthcare model that manages Medicaid through the Government Health Plan. In Puerto Rico, InnovaCare is the only firm that offers NCQA accredited health plans. The firm has 500000 lives led through government programs. In 2017, 955 million dollars annual claims were processed by InnovaCare.


In Puerto Rico, InnovaCare is responsible for Medicare, and it is also the islands most popular plan. The plan is being provided by InnovaCare two primary subsidiaries, MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare choice. It is also worth noting and appreciating humanitarian efforts by InnovaCare in Puerto Rico. The hurricane relief program is known as “Caminamos Juntos,” meaning we walk together in English. This is an initiative to rebuild Puerto Rico to reduce effects of the crisis experienced.


Drew Madden and the State of Healthcare IT

When Amazon came to light, there probably weren’t very many people who predicted that the giant would eventually acquire Whole Foods or play a hand in putting Toys “R” Us out of business, but they’ve really done a remarkable job at moving and shaking the direction of multiple industries with their worldwide, web-based services. As one of the most powerful companies of its caliber, it’s no shock that they have an incredible stranglehold on retail establishments everywhere, but what of their continued influence against the likes of other niche stores?

Other focused retailers like Rite Aid or Walgreen’s could end up suffering down the road with Amazon’s recent move to procure the rights to sell medical gear. Dipping its toes in the medical waters has these companies worried, which explains why CVS recently fired back by addressing considerations to purchase Aetna, an eminent health insurance agency that would allow CVS to offer health insurance right inside its physical locations alongside pharmaceutical consultations and prescription pickups.

This will go great lengths to shut Amazon out of any significant hand in the medical industry although their next move is to acquire licenses for the selling and transportation of actual prescription medications themselves, which will open up a new level of convenience for clients who need their medicine delivered directly to their doorstep. This, of course, would spell trouble for the smaller companies that are focused on the medical industry unless they innovate on their current offerings to keep up with Amazon’s endeavor.

In order for CVS to succeed with Aetna, they’ll need to move briskly with an emphasis on heathcare IT and the assistance of someone like Drew Madden. This is an essential part of providing in-store and web-based prescription and other pharmaceutical services. Having the proper server infrastructure and back-end support will allow for quick and convenient access, confirmation and exchange of patient records, prescription information and other data that will be needed to move pills where they’re needed most. Drew Madden is currently one of the top dogs in this field, and if CVS has their wits about themselves, expect to see his name pop up next to theirs in the coming years.

Mother, Business owner, and Doctor

Dr Jennifer Walden is a board certified plastic surgeon. She is one of only a very few women who were formally trained in Texas to achieve board certification. In a male dominated field, Dr Walden has been very successful. The fully accredited med-spa Walden Cosmetic and Laser Center was founded by Dr Walden. The Walden Cosmetic and Laser Center provides a verity of treatments throughout the full body using the top of the line technologies available. The staff consists of 16 women who focus on creating a comfortable, nonjudgmental environment that keeps in mind every aspect of each client to ensure a quality experience. Dr Walden’s has achieved a successful business that is woman owned, staffed by women that supports women. Walden Cosmetic and Laser Center’s manager, Kristin Gunn, describes the center as “strong women supporting strong women”.

Med-spa Walden Cosmetic and Laser Center is not Dr Walden’s only success. She has been a key leader and spokesperson for several companies including but not limited to ScitonInc, Lemenis, and SmartGraft. Dr Walden also serves as the Commissioner of Communications for Board of Directors of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. And Austin’s Leukemia and Lymphoma Society named her their runner up Woman of the Year for her campaign to raise money for blood cancer research.

Besides all of her professional success, Dr Walden also has found private success as a mother. After some difficulties and with the use of anonymous sperm donation, she was able to conceive. She is now the proud single mother of twin boys. Dr Walden describes her two sons as “my life’s greatest blessing”, and learn more about Dr. Walden.

Dr Walden is a roll model and an inspiration to many women across the country. She is not only a great success professionally where she helps empower women, but she is also successful personally as a happy mother. She can be an inspiration to us all, and

Jorge Moll Has Established The Importance Of Activating Specific Areas Of The Brain

Jorge Moll is a neuroscientist and a physician. His research has shown individuals who make donations to charities have the same reward centers in their brain as those who receive compliments, listen to music, or eat chocolate. He has additionally established donating activates two of the brains regions related to the feeling of belonging or attachment. These regions relate to a mother-child relationship or the union between couples. Jorge Moll believes when a person acts in favor of a principle or cause with importance, they are activating a mechanism to promote friendship and family ties that took millions of years to develop.


As the Institute for Research and Teaching’s CEO, and a research author, Jorge Moll has accumulated evidence showing voluntary committing to promote another’s well-being or engaging in social causes can reduce various diseases, and create longevity ( This was especially true Teresa Beatriz Eder, a psychologist who determined to reach out to the needy can provide a new meaning in life. Pablo Tavares discovered five years ago his dedication to visiting hospitals not only brought joy, attention, and affection to the hospitalized children but provided him with an enormous emotional reward (


According to Jorge Moll, the choices a person makes regarding what they do can make them think about how much good they did for someone, be glad they did what they did, quiet their conscience, and possibly trigger health benefits. For patients who have benefitted from good actions, they can become more excited despite the obstacles they are facing. Since the relationship constitutes one of exchange, volunteering often brings personal satisfaction. Pablo fell in love with his work once he began volunteering which proved the theory of Jorge Moll (Crunchbase). Children have said how much his work helped get them through their treatment, and making a difference for these children has made a difference for him as well.


Jorge Moll believes in the importance of activating specific regions in the brain. This can provide motivation, satisfaction, and change lives. Teresa Eder believes volunteer work is medicine for both the patient and the volunteer. The first step is helping a friend, neighbor or relative.