Using Securus Technologies to Break Up a Biker Gang

In the central part of our state we have a very violent motorcycle gang that feel they play by their own rules. As the gang gets bigger, more members wind up in our local prison for a variety of different charges ranging from robberies, drug use, the murder. The problem that my team of officers was having was getting any charges to stick to the leader of the bike gang. We felt if we cut the head of the snake off, the rest would eventually die.


What was happening was that each time we arrested the leader on charges, either the victims decided to drop the cases or witnesses disappeared. Similar to the mafia, these people are terrified the gang will simply retaliate, and they often do. We had a whole new set of charges that we new were connected to our suspect, we just needed to fill in the blanks with evidence to finally get him behind bars once and for all. Even though the people on the street were afraid of him, we knew that those in jail already might be able to give us the information we needed without them even realizing they were key in the investigation.


Securus Technologies has installed their call monitoring system in our jail, and it allows officers to get a unique glimpse into all the conversations taking place within the prison. Securus Technologies has 1,000 employees based out of Dallas who are all committed to helping make this world a safer place. Even their CEO, Richard Smith, feels they can help in the worst of prisons. Our goal was to be able to uncover information and to not let on to the inmates how we were collecting the leads we needed.


We decided to train on the LBS software and then listen in on a few of the bikers taking to their family and friends. It didn’t take long before one of the inmates was complaining about how he was taking the wrap for the leader and got a harsher sentence then promised by the gang. One thing about inmates who feel they have been wronged, they will rant on and on to anyone who will listen. His conversations were pointing us in directions we never even considered before today.


His ranting that day helped us connect the dots and eventually put the drop on the leader and make it stick.