Jorge Moll: I Pursuit of Greatness

There are some truly brilliant-minded individuals in society now days and many of these people work in a variety of industries. Whether it’s the medical industry, the cosmetics industry or the entertainment industry, there are a few individuals that seem to stand-out from the rest. Have you ever heard of a guy named Jorge Moll? Well, this phenomenal guy is a man of many acts. Jorge Moll is the president and is a senior researcher for D’Or Institute of Research & Education. This institute is a research facility that specializes in combining innovative science with healthcare services.


Moll is one of Brazil’s top medical professionals thanks to his brilliance educational background. In 1994, he attained his medical doctorate from The Federal University of Rio De Janeiro. Just a few years later in 1998, he would complete his residency in neurology from the exact same location. Thanks to his strong ambition for his craft, Moll would go on to attain a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology from the affluent Sao Paulo University. At the D’Or Institute of Research & Education, Moll is the captain of the ship. This fine institute is made-up of researchers, students, scientists, business associates and entrepreneurs. The level of knowledge that’s running through these walls is astounding. “Free exchange of ideas and collaborations are the fundamentals here,” said Moll. These ideas are being brought to life by working as a unit. “We have a lot of meetings, and we cover a lot of topics,” said Moll.


Thanks to the advancements in technology, the medical industry has experienced a boom in new products and in new services. Technology in healthcare is the way to go, and it has helped to save many lives. To improve patient care, Moll has implemented innovative technologies right into his daily programs. “The future of medicine will be depending on these initiatives,” said Moll and bigger things will be coming to healthcare in the near future.

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Experimento realizado por Jorge Moll revela que “fazer o bem faz bem” a quem o pratica