The Rocketship Education Foundation

Rocketship Education is one of the non-profit organization that has purposed to impact the lives of less privileged within the society positively. The institution comprises of the network of public charter schools that strive to serve disadvantaged communities across the United States. Recently, the number of the children who are from a poor background is increasing significantly calling for a need to intervene and ensure they access quality education. As a result, the Rocketship Education Institute has its headquarters in regions such as Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, and the West Coast. The founder of this noble institution is John Danner and Preston Smith back in 2006. To adequately ensure the learners get the best quality of education, the institution has employed over 1000 well-trained individuals.

The primary purpose of the institution is to serve the communities with low-income who have limited access to quality schools to acquire skills for their personal development. Notably, the core mission of the organization is to bridge the gap by building the sustainable and a scalable model to achieve success in underserving communities in all the regions of the country. One of the unique teaching approach adopted by the Rocketship Education in the course of teaching their students is the use of technology and teacher-led. To achieve the success in molding the young generation, the institution has partnered with parents to provide mentorship to their children.

Recently, a response by the management on the teaching approach provides answers to three powerful questions. Schools are sensitive when it comes to inception since the occupants are fragile. Notably, when the students are mistreated, there is always an outrage across the whole community. Therefore, understanding how the classroom is managed is essential since it contributes significantly to the success of the learning. For instance, the classroom offers more than just learning since it is where the students and instructors meet for personal development. Class management involves understanding the behavior of each students enabling easy coexistence among them. To ensure seamless learning of the classroom timetable, it is essential to adopt policies that will allow uniformity and certainty.