Dr. Saad Saad Teaches Some Salient Life Lessons

Dr. SaadSaad is an inspiration to many people seeking to succeed in their careers and other ventures, but they are faced with a myriad of challenges. The 47-year-old pediatric surgeon has seen it all but he never paid attention to the detractors. Dr. SaadSaad recounts the challenges that he has faced in life and what he did to overcome them. Dr. SaadSaad is a light-hearted and witty man. He narrates his life and career story that leaves his audience astounded and inspired in the same breath.



Brief History Of Dr. SaadSaad and His Origins



Dr. SaadSaad was born in Palestine in the 1940s. He was born at a time and in a region that was full of political drama and fright. The doctor narrates how his mother was ordered to board a bus to a destination she didn’t know while his father was away. He describes how it took his father some time to trace the whereabouts of his wife and children. It was at a time that Jews had occupied Palestinian soil. The Israeli authorities saw it fit to relocate the native Palestinians without their consent. It was a forceful relocation following a forceful occupation. Dr. SaadSaad recounts how tough life was on the West Bank; where they were forced to resettle without much of what they had raised to build and sustain their home in Palestine. He says his father, somehow, managed to trace them to the Westbank after suffering blind searches for a while. Life was tough. He is one of eight siblings. Later Dr. SaadSaad’s family moved to Kuwait where he was raised. He studied hard amidst the turmoil and was admitted to Cairo University. He managed to graduate from the school of medicine with honors. He was the second best student in his class. His graduation marked a new chapter in his life. He began to pursue his career in medicine and surgery.



Some Lessons to Learn from Dr. SaadSaad



It emerged that Dr. Saad was effectively teaching his audience some important life lessons that upcoming youths could use to navigate through life. The first lesson that the renowned surgeon sought to teach is that one should never digress and accept anything less than what they seek to achieve in life. Given the challenges following the creation of the state of Israel in the 40s, the challenges that Dr. SaadSaad, his siblings and parents faced were huge. However, he and his siblings saw an opportunity in every challenge and kept going. The result was a family of highly educated and successful professionals including surgeons, engineers, an emergency nurse and a teacher. Learn more: https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Saad_Saad.html



Secondly, Dr. SaadSaad advises against procrastination. He says that if one knows that a goal can be accomplished today, then it is the time to accomplish it. One never really knows what tomorrow holds. He believes in holding strong ethics of work. He insists that one must make the best use of the time they have. When Dr. Saad moved to the US he sought to become a Board Certified Surgeon. It was a rare feat but he achieved it as soon as he decided he wanted it. Dr. Saad was, thereafter requested to serve as the pediatric surgeon for the Saudi Royal Family. He responded to the call and served until 2009.


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Sawyer Howitt a Young Visionary Entrepreneur

     RFID technology is a technology that has been developed to help small enterprises such as the ones selling clothes boost their sales and improve their inventory keeping techniques. However according to recent surveys many enterprises are yet to adopt the technology. The reason behind this slow adoption is that most retailers are afraid of change and fear adopting this new technology while others are not aware of the existence of RFID. It is estimated that only 8% of the apparel business have incorporated the use of RFID systems that has tags, barcode readers and sales software.

The low percentage in the adoption and use of the technology is attributed to the fact that most of the retailers in the apparel business only want to test the program but not to use it. Another reason is that most of the retailers are conservative thus resistant to change. They want to keep on maintain the old order and way of doing things.

One fundamental reason as to why the adoption of the technology has been relatively slow is because of the high cost of installation of these systems. Retailers are discouraged from installing this technology as is eats into their meager profits. However RFID technology companies are working towards developing new systems that will be affordable.

Due to advancements in technology, many people today are now turning into online shopping. As a result the demand for RFID technology by apparel retailers is on the rise. The technology companies therefore have a chance now to boost their sales by developing systems that are cheap, easy to install and operate. In addition the RFID tech companies have come up with sales and marketing strategies that will help increase awareness of the technology and its significance.

Sawyer Howitt is a young entrepreneur who has the ability to understand the financial and operational needs of a business. Sawyer is a second semester senior and has spent the better part of his studies and internships in learning more about business and finance.

Sawyer joined Meriweather Group in 2017 as an intern and was given the role of a project manager. As a project manager he has been working on projects that aim to revolutionize the commerce industry and those that integrates the use of technology in businesses.